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Jean Tosetto aus Brasilien

MP-Lafer von Francisco Franco aus Brasil - Ludwig You can find enclosed the artistic photo of my MP Lafer. My warm best regards - FrancSexta-feira, 8 de Junho de 2012

April 2012

Laferista Treff in Brasilien im April 2012


Nicoletti Adilson aus Brasil von 2011: Dear Ludwig, congratulations for your MP Lafer. I have two of them: one red and another blue. As you, I am an Ayrton Senna admirer and I can apreciate Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel either.XXX Congratulations to you and all the victory of German Sebastian Vettel. I am lovely about the MP Lafer and I had 10 of them since 1999. At the moment I have two, one red and one blue. Yesterday I received the documentation that will transform my car in "black license plate", which is a special plate issued to car collection with more than 30 years.In addition to the two MP, I built a replica of a Jaguar XK-120 which copies are will be attached in the next email. I developed the templates chassis and body, and if you're interested, I can send photos of the construction. Build the car for my own use but as developed templates, maybe I will sell it in a "kit car" form. In this email I am also sending a picture of me on a bike next to an MP so that you can see who I am. Adilson.